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Our Services Includes the following:
Surrogacy Solutions is well known for its personalised, professional matching services which start with the first phone call and last until the parents come back to their home country with the baby.
Every aspect of our agency’s activities is based on the clients’ objectives. We offer consultations of highly skilled specialists, access to extensive data-base of clinics in Ukraine, organisation of quality medical evaluation, coordination of medical programs, supervision of contracts, legal paper processing, and various consulting and representative services.
Our services include the following:
Stage 1

  • Refer clients to High End Fertility Clinics from different countries of the world where Surrogacy Arrangements are legally regulated (if applicable)
  • Refer clients to experienced lawyers for any court filings, drafting and review of agreements with intended parent(s) and surrogate and clinics.
  • Locate and pre-screen gestational surrogates for a potential match with intended parents.
  • Locate and pre-screen potential egg and sperm donors.
  • Introduce intended parents to surrogate (if intended parents have found a match, we will perform all other duties for a reduced agency fee)
  • Upon request, coordinate and arrange for intended parent(s) and surrogate to be psychologically screened by a licensed mental health professional
  • Arrange for selected surrogate to be medically screened at the IVF/IUI clinic selected by intended parents
  • Arrange for selected surrogate to be counseled regarding the IVF/IUI process and risks at the IVF/IUI clinic that was selected by intended parents
  • Upon completion of medical screening, we shall facilitate the signing of the contractual agreements between the intended parent and the surrogate and between the intended parent and the clinic.

Stage 2

  • Coordinate travel for surrogate and arrange for the transfer into the surrogate of a fertilized embryo or for the IUI through a licensed IVF or IUI physician
  • Coordinate with travel agent to arrange for travel and hotel accommodation for surrogate mother and intended parents, upon request
  • Act as liason between surrogate mother, intended parents and fertility clinic to make sure all doctor’s costs are correctly provided for, and all doctor’s instructions are followed.
  • Oversee all necessary legal filings and procedures to establish parental rights for intended parents
  • Monitor all expenses incurred by the surrogate under the surrogacy agreement per instructions of intended parents
  • Attend doctor appointments with the surrogate mother, upon request
  • Attend embryo transfer, upon request
  • Arrange for surrogate mother to receive counseling, upon request

Stage 3

  • Attend delivery, upon request
  • Communicate with intended parents and surrogate mother throughout surrogacy process
  • Provide instructions for effectuating all necessary payments and track disbursements
  • Arrange for all DNA paternity and maternity testing to be done pursuant to the provisions of the surrogate agreement, if requested by intended parents
  • Supervise execution of legal paperwork and delivery of such to anticipated hospital or birth center
  • Coordinate with hospital staff to ensure smooth issuance of birth certificate
  • Coordinate and pay Surrogate’s hospital bills from escrow account
  • Miscellaneous services:
    • meeting at the airport, railway station or sea port;
    • hotel (apartment) reservations;
    • airline ticket reservations;
    • car rental or driver with a car;
    • interpreter;
    • insurance;
    • surrogate background check;
    • leisure time organization (sightseeing tours, cultural and business events, restaurants)
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